General Patrol

The safety in our campus is every one’s priority and responsibility at Rollins College. The department’s staff shares the primary objective of helping to provide a safe and secure environment through preventive patrol, emergency response, problem solving, programming and activities. The Campus Safety Department is located in the Facilities Management building, on the lower level and is staffed 24/7 with trained personnel who provide patrol, prevention and emergency response for the campus community.

The members of the Campus Safety Department are trained to patrol the campus on foot, in vehicles and on bicycles, and are actively involved in the physical security of the campus. A Dispatch Officer is on staff at all times to answer questions, provide information, and to direct personnel to answer calls for service and to provide assistance in routine and emergency situations. The department also helps coordinate staffing during special events, such as concerts, Greek Organization events, and Commencement. The Department is also equipped with a Cannondale bicycle for our “Bike Patrol Officer” to provide a highly visible profile on campus, to increase the level of contacts on a daily basis, and to more efficiently patrol the interior areas of the campus.

Rollins College offers many activities and programs which are open to the public. For the most part, the campus and its buildings, excluding residential halls, are also open to the general public during business hours. Most College administrative and academic buildings are closed during non-business hours and on weekends, while residential facilities are generally locked 24 hours a day. Campus Safety personnel routinely enter buildings to patrol and to provide service during all hours of the day. Employees, students and visitors are encouraged to call the Campus Safety office to report suspicious individuals or activity, and request assistance at any time by dialing 407-646-2999 or ext. 2999 from any campus phone.