Frequently Asked Questions
How is an LLC different from traditional housing?

An LLC hall is different from traditional housing because it truly is a community in which the residents live and learn together.  They take similar classes so they are able to find help and insight when they need it, but are also able to enjoy college life with a group of friends with whom they have shared interests.  An LLC enables a community to be stronger and provides a support system for the student’s transition into college life.


What is an RCC?

All first year students are required to take a Rollins Conference Course, RCC for short.  An RCC is a seminar class where students meet with a faculty member to explore a topic in the professor’s area of expertise.  All first-year students take a RCC course, which is an academic seminar that includes added attention to integrating and engaging first-year learning. Many students will also be enrolled in a linked course.  Therefore, you will be living students that share at least two courses with you. 


Am I required to be in an LLC?

All incoming first year students will participate in a Living Learning Community.


Where will LLC students live?

LLC students will live together with their classmates in Lyman Hall, McKean Hall, Rex Beach Hall, or Ward Hall.  Check out our buildings tab for more information.


Who is in charge of the LLCs?

The Living Learning Communities are truly a collaborative effort.  The following offices, people, and groups are involved in making LLCs successful:

  • Gabriel Barreneche, Faculty Director of LLC and Faculty in Residence
  • Whitney McDonald, Assistant Director of Residential Life, Coordinator of Living Learning Communities
  • Juan Escobar, Graduate Assistant for Living Learning Communities
  • Rollins Explorations and Peer Mentors
  • LLC Resident Assistants

Learn more about our staff members here!


What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors at Rollins are thoughtful and committed sophomores, juniors and seniors who serve as academic and social role models for Rollins College Conferences (RCCs) to better integrate and engage first year students. Peer Mentors focus their work around the five dimensions of personal and social responsibility:
  • striving for excellence
  • cultivating personal and academic integrity
  • contributing to a larger community
  • taking seriously the perspectives of others
  • developing competence in ethical and moral reasoning

Are there any additional expenses to be in an LLC?

No, there are no additional expenses to be in an LLC.


What if I’m not enjoying my experience?

There are several different ways for you to communicate that you are unhappy in your current placement.  A first step would be to talk with your RA or Peer Mentor.  Also, feel free to stop by the Office of Residential Life to speak to your Hall Director or Whitney, the Assistant Director for Living Learning Communities.  If you are interested in a room change, please keep in mind that for the Fall semester, you must remain in your assigned hall but may switch rooms within the hall based on vacancies.   

My friend and I are coming to Rollins together.  Can we be roommates?

Housing is assigned based on what RCC you are a part of.  You may indicate a preference for a roommate but there is no guarantee that you will be placed in the same RCC.  Your chances are increased if you and your friend indicate preference for the same courses.


Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Whitney McDonald, Assistant Director of Living Learning Communities, at (407)646-2649 or, or Dr. Gabriel Barreneche, Faculty Director of Living Learning Communities at