LLC Buildings

McKean Hall


McKean Hall sits on the edge of Lake Virginia and offers views of both the lake and the sand volleyball court located behind the building.  One of the largest halls on campus with five floors, it features coeducational living with gender separated be wing.  The end of each wing houses a pod-like living room that gives the students an opportunity to socialize outside of their rooms.  McKean houses first year students and is known for late night volleyball games and hall cookouts.

Rex Beach Hall

Rex Beach
Located next to the newly renovated Keene Hall music building, across the street from the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, mere feet from the Theatre and Art Departments, and with a view of Lake Virginia, this vibrant Living Learning Community will allow students interested in the arts (music, theatre, dance, and film making) to live, study and socialize together.  Through living in the arts Living Learning Community residence hall, students will have the opportunity not only to immerse themselves immediately in the nature of art, but to do so in the company of esteemed faculty members, outstanding peer mentors and resident assistants, and fifty other artistically inclined students.

Ward Hall

The recently renovated 191-bed residential hall offers 21 singles, 83 doubles and two triple rooms. It also offers a state-of-the-art classroom, Faculty in Residence, and innovative social and educational programming.  Ward Hall is one of the "nexus" points between curricular and co-curricular activities at Rollins College. The strategic partnership between student affairs and academic affairs offers connected classroom instruction with out-of-class experiences.  \