Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities bring first-year students, upper-class mentors, and faculty members together to form a tight-knit, cohesive unit aimed at facilitating a smooth transition to college. Simply put: Living Learning Communities are about living, learning, and having fun together!


One of the greatest challenges facing new college students is becoming part of a new community while also accepting all the responsibilities of independence that come their way. Living Learning Communities increase the academic, social and residential connection among first-year students while fostering independence within a supportive academic residential community.


Students in all Rollins College Conference courses live, work, and have fun in any of our first-year residence halls. All first-year students take a RCC course, which is an academic seminar that includes added attention to integrating and engaging first-year learning. In addition to the RCC course, Living Learning Community students will live together in the same residence hall, meet together in that hall to share reading, assignments, presentations, discussions, and other academic endeavors.


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