Undergraduate Student Opportunities

Step One: Apply to be an RA! CLICK HERE!


Step Two: Sign up for your individual and group interviews! The sign up sheet for your individual interview can be found online. (link will be posted soon!)


Step Three: Prepare for your interviews.


Preparing for the individual interview - THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICANTS!


This formal interview will last a total of thirty minutes. 

Please prepare a five minute presentation describing your proudest moment, paying special attention to the lesson(s) learned from that experience and how it makes you a strong candidate to be an RA.

Your presentation should be creative and concise.  Following your presentation, there will be a time for questions and answers with the interview committee.

The attire for the individual interview is business professional.

Preparing for the group interview

You will be placed in a group with 6-8 other candidates and go through various group activities.  

The attire for the group interview is casual.

Be yourself and do your best. That’s it!


What are the interviewers looking for?

  • Know all you can about the RA position.
  • Know yourself as a candidate.
  • Interviewers want to get to know who you are. 
  • Interviewers want to know what you want from this experience. 
  • Interviewers want to see what you have done. 
  • Interviewers want to see what you can do.
  • Interviewers want you to BE YOURSELF!

If you have further questions or would like more information, please feel free to call Jazmine Rodriguez at x2649 or email at jrodriguez@rollins.edu.

Also, get to know the position a bit more by reading the links below.

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