Frequently Asked Questions for RAs

Here are a few questions that are frequently asked by students interested in the RA position.

Q: What is duty ?

A: “Duty,” or being on call , refers to the time period in which a staff member is required to be available to residents of an entire building. During this time, an RA could be called on to respond to various situations ranging from general questions to emergencies. Duty shifts operate under the following schedule:

Sunday – Thursday: 9:00pm – 8:30am

Friday and Saturday: 9:00pm – 10:00am

A staff will coordinate its schedule under these hours splitting the days of a month between each RA on the staff. In a 30-day month, an RA will spend, on average, no more than 5-6 nights a month on duty, including weekends.

Q: What other time commitments exist for RAs?

A: RAs are required to be available on key campus dates such as: opening, freshman orientation, halloween howl, closing, and housing sign-up. They are also required to participate in training in August and January before other students return to campus. First-year staff is required to complete a 2-credit course instructed by our department during its first Fall semester in the position. All staff are required to attend weekly staff meetings and meetings with their supervisor.

Q: Can I be a Peer Mentor and an RA?

A: Students who have been Peer Mentors previously are eligible to apply to be first time RAs. However, students who have never been Peer Mentors orRAs will need to choose upon selection which position to take. Peer Mentors and RAs train during the same weeks during the summer and therefore students cannot be in two places at one time.

Q: Do I need prior experience in responding to emergencies in order to be hired?

A: No. While prior experience is always helpful, it is not required. Residential Life trains its staff in emergency responses. However, the on call system is designed so that no staff member has to handle these situations by themselves. A Hall Director, an Assistant Director, and our Director are on call each night.

Q: Do I have to maintain a certain GPA?

A: Residential Life is dedicated to the Rollins mission of academic excellence. Therefore, applicants must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average for consideration. RAs must maintain at least a 2.5 semester GPA during their tenure to be in good standing.

Q: Can a first-year student apply to be an RA?

A: We will accept applications from any A&S and CPS student, but priority consideration is given to applicants that have lived on campus for at least one year.

Q: Do I have to take injured students to the hospital?

A: No, RAs are not required nor allowed to transport students to the hospital.

Q: What if a student needs help when I'm not on duty?

A: We expect all of our staff to maintain an amount of availability and approachability to all students. While an RA may not be on duty, we would still expect him/her to assist a student.

Q: Do I have to enforce policies in buildings I do not live in?

A: Yes. RAs are expected to follow and enforce policies in the residence halls regardless of where they are assigned to live.