Meet Our Team

The Office of Residential Life & Explorations is led by a dynamic and vibrant team of professional, graduate, and student staff members. The truth is we love Rollins and we loved our years at college, and we want you to have an incredible experience like we did!

Professional Staff

Leon Hayner
Senior Director of Residential Life & Explorations

Joined Rollins: 2007

B.A., Communication, University of Northern Colorado
M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, Texas Tech University
M.B.A., Rollins College, 2011

Whitney McDonald
Associate Director

Joined Rollins: 2007

B.S., Finance and Real Estate, Florida State University, 2006
M.B.A., Rollins College, 2009
M.A., Educational Leadership, Higher Education/Student Personnel Services, UCF, 2011

Juan Escobar
Assistant Director

Joined Rollins: 2017

Aspen Fox
Assistant Director
T. 407.646.2354

Joined Rollins: 2007 (as student), 2011 (as staff)

B.A., Critical Media and Cultural Studies, Rollins College, 2011
MHR., Human Resources, Rollins College, 2013

Alexa Gordon
Assistant Director
T. 407.691.1234

Joined Rollins: 2009 (as student), 2013 (as staff)

B.A., Theatre Arts, Rollins College, 2013
M.A., Educational Leadership - Higher Education/Student Personnel Services, University of Central Florida, 2015

Amanda Wolters
Administrative and Operations Assistant
Joined Rollins: 2015

Graduate Staff

Hannah Coyman
Residential Life & Explorations Graduate Assistant
Alex Lucchi
Hall Director, McKean Hall
Brittany Edwards
Hall Director, Sutton Apartments
Anna Peters
Hall Director, Ward Hall

Undergraduate Staff

Sam Sadeh
Assistant Hall Director, Holt Hall
Jack Allen
Assistant Hall Director, Elizabeth Hall
Nikita Patel
Assistant Hall Director, Rex Beach Hall
Kenady Bickel
Assistant Hall Director, Strong Hall
Arron Nestor
RLE Student Coordinator
Maegan Brody
RLE Student Coordinator
Silvi Luengo
RLE Student Coordinator
Brigid Cotter
RLE Student Coordinator
Ashley Sabol
LLC Student Coordinator

Office of Residential Life & Explorations
Rollins College - McKean Hall
1000 Holt Ave. – Mailbox 2737
Winter Park, FL 32789
T. 407.646.2649