R-Card and Uber

Use Uber with Tarbuc$

The R-Card can now be used anytime you use Uber. Use Uber to explore the area surrounding Rollins and locations while on trips away from campus.

Using Uber's Campus Card Program

Rollins College’s R-Card is now partnered with Uber’s Campus Card program. Tarbuc$ will be the only funds available to use for Uber.

For any questions, contact the R-Card Office at rcard@rollins.edu

How do I register my campus card with Uber?

 1. If you're new to Uber, download the app. If you already have it, make sure it’s updated to the latest version.

2. Tap the Menu icon at the top left corner of your app and select Payment.

3. Tap ‘Add Payment’ and then ‘Campus Card’.

4. Select your school and log in using your campus card login information. Your Uber login and campus card login do not need to match.

How does Uber charge my campus card?

With upfront fares, you’ll always know the cost of the trip before you request a ride. Unless your destination has not changed, your campus card will be charged that amount after you complete your ride.

Why is a destination required before requesting a ride?

When you give us your destination, you’ll see the exact cost of your ride before you even request it. No surprises here!

What happens when my campus card runs out of funds?

To deposit additional funds onto your R-card, go here. Login with your Blackboard information and make a deposit onto your Tarbuc$.

Can I use my campus card on UberEATS orders?

Not at this time. But we’re trying our best to make this possible ASAP.

Can I use the fare split feature on my campus card?

At this time, if you pay for a trip with your campus card, fare split is not currently available. We are actively working to provide this capability in the near-future.