Obtaining R-Card

All Rollins College community members are required to obtain an R-Card.

New R-Card Users

Photos can be submitted online or taken in-person. Students can pick up their R-Card during Orientation or by visiting the Campus Safety Office early with the proper paperwork. Faculty and Staff can stop by the Campus Safety Office with the appropriate paperwork from Human Resources.

Current R-Card Members

Photos can be submitted online or taken in-person. Once a new R-Card is printed, the old one will stop working. Replacement R-Cards for students is $15. There is no replacement fee for faculty and staff.

Requirements for Obtaining an RCard

Before receiving an R-Card, a valid government-issued photo identification card must be presented for verification. Examples of a government-issued ID are:

  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State-issued identification card
  • Passport
  • Military identification card

Online Photo Submission

Submitting your photo

  • Log on to your Blackboard Transact Account (eAccounts), by computer or with your cell phone, by clicking here
  • First time users should refer to our FAQ
  • On the top left, click “Profile”
  • To open the photo submission window, click “Click to submit a new photo”
  • Click to upload or drag and drop your photo or take a selfie!
  • You may crop and center the photo, but ensure it meets the photo submission guidelines below
  • Click submit!

Photo submission guidelines

Submitted photos must meet the following guidelines to be suitable for an R-Card.

Photo Quality

  • Background must be a solid color (White or other light neutral color preferred)
  • No filters
  • Photo must be in focus, not blurry

Acceptable Image Unacceptable Image


  • No other objects or persons can be in the photo
  • Photo must be a front shot with both sides of the face visible
  • Feel free to smile! Smiling or serious expressions are acceptable; make sure not to blink!
  • No hats or obstructions of the face will be accepted
  • Eyeglasses may be worn, but not sunglasses
  • Ensure there is no reflection with your eye glasses and that your frames do not obstruct your eyes

Acceptable Unacceptable

Cropping guidelines:

  • Upper boundary is about two inches above cardholder’s head
  • Lower boundary is no higher than collar bone (4-6 inches below chin)
  • Side boundaries is from top of cardholder’s shoulders
  • Photo’s length and width must be of equal size

Acceptable Unacceptable


An R-Card can be picked up in-person by visiting the Campus Safety Office. They are open 24/7, so stop by anytime.

Visit the Campus Safety/R-Card Office


Student Orientation

During Orientation, students will be able to pick up their R-Card. The orientation process is different for each school. Please check the links below for specific information.




Faculty/Staff Orientation

New Rollins College faculty and staff will be able to pickup their R-Card as part of HR's onboarding process.

R-Card Office
1000 Holt Ave - 2792
Winter Park, Fl, 32789