Account Options

The R-Card has several different accounts that provide flexible purchasing power across the campus and Winter Park community. 

Traditional Meal Plan

Residential students (except Sutton residents) are required to purchase the traditional meal plan. Funds are deposited at the beginning of every semester. Funds rollover from the Fall to Spring semester. Any unused funds after the Spring semester are forfeited.

When the traditional meal plan is purchased, a portion of the funds goes into the Tarbuc$ account for use in the Winter Park community.

Visit Rollins Dining website for more information.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan

Faculty and Staff have access to a self-funded meal plan. There is an enrichment when funds are deposited into this meal plan. This plan can be used at any of the on-campus dining locations.

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Voluntary Meal Plan

Sutton Place residents and commuter students can purchase a voluntary meal plan. Dining Services provides an enrichment bonus when choosing one of the voluntary meal plans. A voluntary meal plan can be purchased by visiting the Residential and Explorations office or by going to our online deposit page.

Funds are added once a voluntary meal plan is purchased. Funds rollover from Fall to Spring semester. Any unused funds after the end of the Spring semester is forfeited.

Voluntary Meal Plan - Option 1 (VMP1)

Cost of this plan is $495, but comes with an enrichment bonus of $25.

Voluntary Meal Plan - Option 2 (VMP2)

Cost of this plan is $995, but comes with an enrichment bonus of $100.

Visit the Office of Residential Life and Explorations

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TarBUC$ is a stored value account available to all members of the Rollins community. Funds deposited here can be used across campus and off-campus at dining and non-dining locations. Funds added to this account can be refunded upon separation from Rollins College, as long as there is at least $10 in the account. You are able to see a list of Off-Campus vendors within our community tab.

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Charge Accounts

Only CLA students have access to charge accounts. Charge accounts allow purchases to be billed directly to a student's account. Transactions are submitted to the Bursar's Office for billing.

Locations that use charge accounts

R-Card Office
1000 Holt Ave - 2792
Winter Park, Fl, 32789