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In the past, Rollins College had no method of protecting the rights to the commercial use of our names. In order to protect and promote the Rollins College brand and to ensure the brand’s identity is properly represented on products and services marketed to both the College community and the public, the College has partnered with Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Inc. (“SMA”) to manage its trademark licensing program. The licensing program is responsible for determining if a product and/or design is consistent with the goals and image of Rollins. The program also ensures the quality, content, production and distribution of products meets Rollins’ standards. Any mark, logo, hallmark, seal, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, or derivative that can be associated with Rollins College qualifies as a trademark.   


The Brand Guidelines found on the Marketing & Communication website contain a library of all the acceptable stylized titles for the College as a whole and its particular units. However, all departments and organizations using any Rollins trademark in promotional material must submit those items to Marketing & Communications prior to production. 


Any person, business, or organization providing goods bearing the Rollins trademark for any purpose must be set up as an official licensee. There are two types of licenses available, the Standard License, which allows for the production of emblematic merchandise that will be sold to retail establishments for resale, and a Restricted License, which provides for the production of emblematic products that will be sold to the College for internal use. SMA is responsible for processing license applications, coordinating artwork approvals and enforcing trademark laws. 


If you are a vendor interested in obtaining a license through SMA, please click on the link below and provide information requested.


                Strategic Marketing Affiliates
                201 South Capitol Ave., Suite 520
                Indianapolis, IN 26225
                (317) 829-5690



When ordering promotional/emblematic items, departments and organizations should choose one of the licensed vendors on the following lists. Standard Licensees provide items for both retail and College use. Restricted Licensees provide items for College use only.


pdf Rollins Alphabetical Listing                         pdf Rollins Product Listing


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