Policy for Paper Reduction

Rollins College

Policy for Paper Reduction


This policy sets forth standards and processes aimed at reducing waste at the source; encouraging the purchase and use of durable and reusable products; encouraging the purchase of high post-consumer content recycled products; increasing the total volume of waste materials diverted from landfills to recycling processes; and ensuring the long-term viability of campus recycling operations through appropriate educational programs, coordination, management, and oversight.


As a leader in the community, Rollins College is responsible for creating a culture of sustainability with regard to environmental policies and practices.

Procedures for Paper Source Reduction

A. Paper office supplies should contain a minimum standard of 30% post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content.  Rollins College letterhead should contain 30% post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content.  All items should be 100% recyclable.

B. Copying and printing

1. Copiers and printers should be set to default to two-sided copying or printing when possible and practical. You will still be able to override the default setting and print single-sided when necessary. Before changing default settings, it is important to ensure that everyone in your department understands how to override default settings if they must print single-sided.

2. Outside suppliers and consultants shall be encouraged to print proposals and reports on both sides, using recycled content paper. The documents shall be clearly marked to indicate that they are printed on post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content paper.

3. Whenever feasible, electronic correspondence should replace written correspondence. When printed documents are required, employees are encouraged to print using the minimum amount of paper necessary. Methods to accomplish this include reducing margin size, reducing font size and two-sided printing.

4. Forms should be made available to complete and submit electronically whenever possible.

5. Employees should reuse office paper that is printed on only one side whenever possible. Paper shall be recycled after reuse.

6. Departmental and course handouts should be distributed electronically whenever possible.

C. Publications and mailing lists

1. Campus newsletters, catalogs, magazines and other publications are encouraged to be printed using post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content paper. When feasible, departments should consider electronic publications in lieu of printing.

2. All print publications (newsletters, catalogs, magazines, etc.) should move toward an electronic publication alternative and a clear method for allowing subscribers to opt out of hard copy delivery.

3. Departments are encouraged to limit the receipt of multiple copies of print publications and instead route or publicly post a single copy for interested parties whenever possible.


A. The department head is responsible for:

1. Ensuring that employees receive instruction and orientation regarding their responsibility to participate in campus recycling programs.

2. Developing steps to reduce excessive printing and copying.

B. All campus entities with printing or copying responsibilities (including Print Services and Information Technology) are responsible for providing education and support in the operation of all copying and printing devices to promote sustainable practices. For example: All networked copiers are able to copy, print, scan and fax.  It is recommended documents be scanned for emailing or record retention instead of printed whenever possible.  Documents needing to be reviewed as hard copies can be produced using 2 in 1 and double sided. 

C. The Purchasing Department is responsible for:

1. Working to establish contracts for paper products with the highest percentage of post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content available.

2. Working with suppliers to promote recycled offerings prominently in electronic ordering systems.

3.  Requesting that companies who currently distribute catalogues provide electronic access and to discontinue mailing multiple hard copies.