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An overview of the different psychological theories of human nature from psychoanalysis to evolutionary psychology and Five-Factor theory.


Tests and Measurements

The principles of test construction, interpreting results, creating test batteries, and real life applications of psychological testing.


Existential and Humanistic Psychology

An experiential class that focuses on the works of Jean-Paul Sartre, Viktor Frankl, and Carl Rogers and the approaches to personality that emphasis freedom, responsibility, and human potential.


Recruitment, Selection, and Retention

The study of the psychological processes and legal considerations involved in organizational staffing.


Employee Training and Development

This class focuses on the needs, assessment, design, and delivery of training programs in organizations, as well as programs that promote employee development.


Advanced Personality Psychology

An in-depth look at major personality theorists, including Freud, Jung, Skinner, Rogers, Erikson, and the evolutionary psychologists.


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Robert Smither
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