Maria Ruiz, PhD


A sample of Ruiz's scholarship is given below. For a full list, see the CV.

Selected Publications and Chapters


Ruiz, M.R. & Roche, B. (2007). Values and the Scientific Culture of Behavior Analysis. The Behavior Analyst, 30, 1-16.

Roche, B., Ruiz, R. O'Riordan, M, & Hand, K. (2005). A relational frame approach to the psychological assessment of sex offenders. In M. Taylor & E. Quayle (Eds.), New developments in child pornography and the internet. Dorset: Russell House.

Ruiz, M.R. (2003). Inconspicuous Sources of Behavioral Control: The Case of Gendered Practices. The Behavior Analyst Today, 4, 12-16.


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