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Statistics and Decision Making (Holt)

The course covers descriptive and inferential statistics up to analysis of variance and nonparametric tests.


Trauma and Recovery (Holt)

The course covers the development of trauma symptoms following events that are outside the range of normal human experience (e.g., reactions to war, interpersonal violence, natural disasters, political upheaval, etc.).


American Red Cross

This is a 2-credit course with a credit/no credit grading option in which students receive training from the Red Cross that certifies them to be shelter volunteers in the event of a disaster. With an additional 30-hour volunteer commitment to the Red Cross, students become eligible to be deployed anywhere in the nation in response to a disaster.


Statistics and Research Methods

Richard teaches both the beginning and advanced courses in the two-sequence Statistics and Research Methods courses. These are required courses for the major that are usually taken in the sophomore year.


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David Richard
Professor of Psychology

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