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Research Interests

Roger Ray has collaborated nationally and internationally as a teacher and scientist and has published in the areas of behavioral systems analysis, psychophysiology, and computer-based adaptive instruction and multimedia systems. In 1991, he and a colleague were awarded the Society for Computers in Psychology/Erlbaum Outstanding Paper Academic Excellence Award for a multimedia resource library concept in behavioral systems analysis. He also has received two international awards for contributions in cybernetics and general systems theory. Some of Roger's professional activities have included the production of video laser disc and computer presentation products for Brown and Benchmark Publishers in developmental psychology. His laboratory developed an interactive digital video laboratory simulation product, called CyberRat. CyberRat is used for teaching students how to train various behaviors in laboratory animals without having to use live animals. His most recent software product, called MediaMatrix, is a tutorial authoring and delivery system based on artificially intelligent and adaptive instructional technologies derived from his twenty-five years of behavioral systems research. He now distributes both CyberRat and MediaMatrix-delivered electronic textbook alternavites via his own company, (AI)2, Inc.


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Roger Ray
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