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The Rollins College Department of Psychology uses the methods and content of psychological science to teach students to (1) understand the reasons behind their own and others' behavior; (2) become competent and critical decision makers; (3) respect human diversity; and (4) fulfill their social responsibilities.

As students of psychology, faculty and majors should uphold the following tenets and values that are fundamental to our curriculum:

  • Psychology is science. Majors should learn the philosophy and principles of science and be well versed in theory, methods, and statistics (i.e., the foundations of scientific inquiry).
  • Psychology is practice. Majors should gain experience in applying psychological principles and methods to understanding and solving real-world problems.
  • Psychology is diverse. Majors should be exposed to a variety of fields and perspectives within the discipline to gain a broad-based knowledge and appreciation of how psychologists seek to understand the world.
  • Psychology is honorable. Majors should learn the values deemed important in psychology and should strive to comply with accepted ethical principles in research and practice.
  • Psychology is challenging. Majors should expect a curriculum that requires them to question their preconceptions, to practice skeptical inquiry, to engage in analytic and synthetic thinking, to show tolerance for views that they may not share, and to struggle with work that is difficult but often rewarding.
  • Psychology is collaborative. Majors will work with the faculty and their peers inside and outside the classroom in order to draw on the expertise of others, share individual areas of expertise with others, and create a supportive learning community.
  • Psychology is empowering. Although the faculty and curriculum offer guidance to students in their courses and endeavors, ultimately majors are responsible for shaping their own educational experience.


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