Andrew Luchner, Psy.D.


Research Interests

My major area of interest focuses on the narcissistic continuum and different forms of narcissism. Specifically, I am interested in investigating the lesser known manifestation of narcissism, termed vulnerable (e.g. hypersensitive or covert) narcissism, because of its high prevalence in clinical populations and its tendency to be misdiagnosed, misrepresented, and misunderstood in the clinical literature.

As opposed to the more well-known grandiose narcissism (in which someone may be described as full of themselves), vulnerable narcissism involves a subjective states of emptiness, a willingness to please and gratify others to feel better about themselves, and a belief that their worth is tied to the denial of their needs in lieu of meeting other’s needs. Theoretically, this particular personality type or pattern may be related to choosing a helping profession as a career or to the success of psychotherapy practice.


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