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Andrew Luchner, Psy.D.


About Andrew Luchner

Andrew Luchner is a licensed clinical psychologist whose experience includes the practice of psychotherapy in collegiate, public and private settings, the teaching and supervision of diagnosis, assessment, and treatment, and research in the areas of psychotherapy and personality.

His training and applied work in therapeutic settings has been focused on the practice of Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy, a time limited version of psychodynamic therapy that emphasizes the importance of the past ion present relationships and functioning, the role of emotions in struggle and difficulty, and the centrality of relationships in the formation of the self.

His research has focused on specific aspects of personality that interfere with the formation and expression of the self, namely narcissistic personality characteristics that can be pathological or may be influenced by environmental factors. Related areas include self-esteem, self-worth, and self-awareness.


Education and Experience

B.A., Clinical Psychology, Tufts University, 1997
Clinical Psychology, Georgia School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, 2000
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Georgia School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, 2005

Joined Rollins College: 2013


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Andrew Luchner
Assistant Professor of Psychology

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