Andrew Luchner, Psy.D.


Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy and teaching is dynamic and fluid, but rests on 4 core principles:

  1. The importance of community, relationships, and dialogue: Learning occurs within the context of relationships, and dialogue (both internal and with others) fosters great opportunities for learning.
  2. A student centered approach to learning: Encouragement of an academic climate of co-creation and collaboration, where I am available as a resource, guide, and mentor.
  3. A focus on self-awareness: The material we learn in class does not have as much value if we don’t make it personal, meaningful, and relevant to our lives. Teaching hopefully enhances creativity and flexibility of learning and thought, increasing our knowledge of self and others.
  4. Achieving balance between support and challenge: The best learning happens when we are challenged to move beyond imposed barriers and expectations, while also being supported in the struggle to grow and learn. These two components are crucial in balance for effective teaching and learning.


  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Stress Management
  • Psychopathology
  • Personality

My hope to develop more courses focused on the basic principles of psychotherapy (e.g. Clinical Interviewing and Clinical Methods with a Lab component), Theories of Psychotherapy, and the Psychology of Human Relationships) as well as advanced seminar courses on specialized topics of research and practice (e.g. Narcissism and the Self, Personality Disorders).


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Andrew Luchner
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