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Social Psychology

This is a survey course is that explores the nature and causes of individual behavior in social situations. Topics covered include social cognition, attitudes, helping behavior, persuasion, group influence, and psychology and the law.

Group Dynamics

This is an experiential course that examines the psychology of small groups. More specifically, the course investigates how groups come together, achieve goals, and eventually fall apart. Topics include the psychological aspects of group life that influence leadership, problem solving, creativity, conflict, and communication.

Statistics and Research Methods I

This first course in our Statistics and Research Methods series is a project based course that examines the principles of descriptive statistics and the application of these statistical techniques in observational and correlational research.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

This is a survey course that explores the psychological processes involved in organizational life. Drawing on current research and theory, the course focuses on issues such as employee selection, training, leadership, motivation, work stress, and organizational change.

Organizational Development

This is an experiential course that investigates theories and principles used to bring about planned change in organizations.

Careers in Psychology

Careers helps students explore their career interests and options with an emphasis on preparing for graduate education in psychology.


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