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Social Psychology

This course focuses on the individual in interactions with others and includes such topics as attraction, helping, aggression, prejudice, and social influence.

Environmental Psychology

This course examines the relationship between the physical environment (i.e., both natural and built settings) and the thoughts, feelings, and actions of individuals.

Careers in Psychology

Careers helps students explore their career interests and options with an emphasis on preparing for graduate education in psychology.

Statistics and Research Methods II

This second course in our Statistics and Research Methods series teaches students the fundamentals of experimental design and the statistics typically used to analyze experimental data.

Evolutionary Psychology

Draws on evolutionary principles to understand human behavior, thought, and emotion, and maintains that certain psychological processes exist because they facilitated survival and reproduction during our evolutionary history.

Psychology and Law

Focuses on psychological research of direct relevance to the legal system. Topics may include police interrogation and confessions, the reliability of eyewitness testimony, scientific jury selection, competency, and the insanity defense.


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