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The Department of Psychology is located in the Johnson Center, an annex of the Bush Science Center on the north side of campus. The Johnson Center includes seven faculty offices and an administrative area housing the department's administrative assistant Vick Long and student assistants. The Johnson Center also includes a meeting area that is generally open to all students and visitors. Additional faculty are located adjacent to the Johnson Center on the first floor of the Bush Science Center.

Research Laboratories

The department's research laboratories are primarily housed on the second floor of the Johnson Center. Some faculty also maintain laboratory space in Orlando Hall. The second floor of the Johnson Center includes Queen's cognitive psychology laboratory focused on the psychology of language, Ray's adaptive instruction laboratory focused on the development of instructional software, Ruiz's IAT laboratory, and St. John's gustatory neurobiology laboratory. The second floor of the Johnson Center also contains a suite of small individual testing rooms used in a variety of faculty and student projects.

Animal and Operant Laboratory Facility

Unlike many schools of our size, Rollins College maintains an animal colony that houses rats and mice for teaching labs and faculty research. Adjacent to the animal colony is a large operant laboratory featuring several testing chambers that can be observed through one-way glass. The chambers are used every semester in the Learning course and are also available for faculty and student research.

Child Development Center

Rollins College is also rare in hosting an on-campus developmental psychology learning laboratory, known as the Child Development Center. The CDC is a laboratory school with an enrollment of 24 three- and four-year-old pre-schoolers. The children--often children of faculty, staff, and students of Rollins College--receive excellent half-day education at the center, and the school provides a laboratory for students enrolled in Developmental Psychology and for student and faculty research. For nearly twenty years, every psychology major has spent time learning at the CDC.


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