Alice Davidson, PhD


Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching continues to evolve with each new course I teach, but several principles guide my approach to designing and teaching a course:
•    Students learn by doing, rather than by listening.
•    The classroom experience should be relevant to students’ lives.
•    Students should think beyond personal, anecdotal experiences and consider developmental issues in the world around them.
•    The teacher should be accessible to students and promote positive communication.




Introduction to Psychology, PSY 101

Intro is a broad survey course designed to introduce students to the many topics investigated in the study of psychology. This course covers physiological, developmental, learning, cognitive, social, and personality psychology, sensation and perception, psychopathology and a variety of research methods.


Perspectives in Psychology, PSY 150

In this intro-level, team-taught course, students focus on a single topic in depth from the perspective of three subfields (developmental, personality and social psychology) within the discipline of psychology.  Dr. Davidson teaches the developmental section of this course.


Statistics & Research Methods I, PSY 250

This project-based course is the first in our Statistics and Research Methods series.  In this course, students examine the principles of descriptive statistics and the application of these statistical techniques in observational and correlational research.


Lifespan Development, PSY 303

This course focuses on human development from conception through the end of life. Theories of human development, current research, practice, and intervention are integrated throughout the course to provide a comprehensive understanding of the profound changes in physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional development that occur in the developing human being across the lifespan.


Adolescent Development, PSY 309

This course examines the normative changes adolescents experience in biological, social, and cognitive domains.  The course focuses on contexts of adolescent development and emerging adulthood, including family and peer relationships, school, work, leisure, and broader cultural influences.  In this course, we consider problematic and risky behavior as well as positive youth development during adolescence.


Developmental Psychology, PSY 328

This is a survey course about the way human beings grow and develop from conception through age 18. Topics include pregnancy and prenatal development, early childhood care, parenting skills, language development, social development and cognition. Students work at the on-campus Rollins College Child Development Center, a laboratory preschool, and are assigned to study one child and family for the term.


Advanced Developmental Psychology, PSY 474

This is a reading-intensive, senior capstone course that focuses on theoretical and methodological issues surrounding a specific topic in human development.  Previous topics include peer relations in childhood and youth development in school.


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