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The Department of Psychology serves students who are majors and minors in the College of Arts and Sciences. This page details the requirements for our Arts and Sciences program. Information about the orgnaizational behavior and pyschology programs in the Hamilton Holt school can be found on the Organizational Behavior and Psychology Web sites.

The psychology program reflects the breadth, excitement, and rigor of scientific inquiry into human behavior and experience. It serves four groups of students:

  • Those who want to sample the discipline;
  • Those who think psychology might enrich their main academic/professional interest: business administration, education, religion and philosophy, sociology, anthropology, creative writing, health sciences, or law;
  • Those who need psychology for "helping professions" such as human resources, secondary teaching, vocational and educational guidance, special education, early childhood education, or day-care work; and
  • Those who intend to pursue a career in professional psychology: college or university teaching, research, or clinical or industrial psychology.

Students need to consult a departmental adviser as early as possible to plan course selections. Because of the structure of the major, transfer students should expect to spend at least two years in the Rollins program to complete major requirements.


Majors and Minors

If you are interested in becoming a Psychology major or pursuing a Psychology minor, please meet with a faculty member in the department.  It is important if you are majoring in Psychology to choose a faculty member in Psychology to serve as your academic advisor.

Maps:  PDF Major Map | PDF Minor Map


For Majors and Minors Who Declared in Fall, 2010 Or Later

Total Credits Required

Twelve (12) courses and a comprehensive exam required for majors.
Nine (9) courses required for minors.


Both courses are required for both majors and minors.  May be taken in any order.

  • PSY 150: Perspectives In Psychology I
  • PSY 155: Perspectives In Psychology II

Scientific Core

Both courses are required for both majors and minors.

  • PSY 250: Statistics and Research Methods I
  • PSY 255: Statistics and Research Methods II (requires PSY 250)


At least one course from each domain and at least 3 laboratory courses are required of both majors and minors.  Majors are required to complete seven (7) total courses at the 300 level and minors are required to complete five (5) courses at the 300 level.  Laboratory courses require PSY 150, PSY 155, and PSY 255 as pre-requisites.

  • Domain I: Behavioral Perspectives (courses with BEH titles)
  • Domain II: Biological Perspecitves (courses with BIO titles)
  • Domain III: Cognitive Perspectives (courses with COG titles)
  • Domain IV: Developmental Perspectives (courses with DEV titles)
  • Domain V: Individual-Social Perspectives (courses with ISP titles)


Required of majors but not required of minors.  Students must take one (1) Senior Seminar course, Advanced Topics courses (PSY 415), or Honors Research (two semesters) in their senior year.



PDF Major Map
PDF Minor Map


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