Timeline for the Planning Process

Timeline for the Planning Process

In December 2012, members of the College’s Planning and Budget Committee (P&BC) reviewed and affirmed the College’s vision and mission statements. Strategic issues arising from discussions in a variety of campus settings during the prior 18 months were compiled by staff, thematically clustered, and presented to the P&BC for discussion. These themes were rank-ordered by P&BC members to develop four strategic priorities for the College, which were affirmed by the President’s Cabinet. The four priorities identified are in bold below and are followed by examples of the types of topics that were expected to emerge in individual planning work groups.

  • Improve student success: student-centeredness, campus culture, high-impact practices, internationalization, advising/coaching, student support services, career services, athletics
  • Enhance academic excellence: program review and/or enhancement, general education renewal, creation of high demand majors, instructional excellence to aid recruitment and retention, student-centeredness, internationalization, leveraging technology, clear paths to graduation, course rigor, faculty load, faculty course release, reallocation of resources
  • Create a sustainable business model: pricing, alternative revenue streams (Maymester, Alfond Inn at Rollins, property acquisition), technology, public-private partnerships, strategic marketing, alumni/donor relations, fundraising
  • Cultivate areas of distinction: What aspects of Rollins distinguish us from similar schools? These areas are not necessarily unique, but are recognized within higher education and by potential students as distinctive. Areas of distinction may include both academic and non-academic areas of the College. Are there aspects of Rollins that are important to the future of Rollins that are not currently areas of distinction? How should we cultivate existing and desirable areas of distinction in the coming years?

In early spring 2012, committee chair appointments were made and work group leaders worked through faculty, student, and staff governance bodies, academic deans, and the President's Cabinet to determine committee membership for each area of focus. Group membership was broadly-based and comprised of faculty, staff, students, and other individuals or alumni who could lend expertise to the process.

Work groups met throughout spring 2012 to examine each of the four strategic priorities in more depth, complete internal and external scanning, engage key stakeholders, and establish priorities, action plans, and timelines for three to five major goals in each area. These work groups were also asked to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure the progress of all initiatives.

Reports from the work groups to the P&BC, governance groups, and the campus community were made throughout the spring and summer of 2012. Final reports noting priority order of recommendations were submitted by all planning groups in mid-summer 2012. The recommendations made were then reviewed and clustered by thematic intent for further discussion with College stakeholders.

In fall 2012, it is anticipated that the final recommendations and thematic clusters will be affirmed by the P&BC, broadly reviewed, and discussed with campus constituencies and major College stakeholders. Presentation of final plans to the College’s Board of Trustees is planned for mid-October 2012. It is anticipated that priorities will begin to inform budget processes and institutional advancement efforts with the 2014-2015 academic year.

Please e-mail institutionalplanning@rollins.edu with any feedback.

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