Utilities Info

Electric/ Water - City of Winter Park Utilities 407.599.3220
*Note:  Crummer Residents ask to un-bundle the services and use the transfer option for electricity.

Cable/ Internet - Brighthouse Networks 407.291.2500
*Note:  No satellite dishes allowed on property.
*Note:  Centurylink Prism tv is an option at the MBA Apts.  Please inquire with the Property Manager.

Telephone - CenturyLink (is an option) 1.866.304.6820

Internet Connectivity at Crummer Graduate Apartments - CenturyLink
1.800.821.2589 (24/7)

Garbage & Rubbish Removal - Waste Pro * City of Winter Park 407.599.3220
*Note to Faculty Townhomes & Maryland Avenue Guests:
Trash p/u is early on Monday and Thursday; Recycling r/u is Thursday.
*Note to Crummer Graduate Apartment Tentants:  Drop trash bags in the dumpster at the main parking lot.