Guest Accomodations

Guest Accomodations Overview

Rollins College offers guests of the Rollins a comfortable stay within close proximity of the campus.  There are four guest residences that come fully furnished down to the kitchen utensils and appliances, plus linens for bed and bath.  These short-term guest residences also include cable television, wireless internet, and phone service.  Guest residences are 2-story townhomes with all bedrooms upstairs. 

Priority is given to guests of the Winter Park Institute.  Gail Sinclair and Mary Robinson of the Winter Park Institute are the primary contacts for scheduling requests.  Email Mary Robinson at for scheduling questions.  Your form request will be considered based upon availability.

We do have a few house rules that all guests and requesting departments should adhere to.  If you are unable to meet all of these requirements, please click here for local hotel options:

1- There is a minimum two-night stay requirement in place.

2- Check in time on day of arrival: 3 p.m.
    Check out time on day of departure:  11 a.m.

3- We also ask for at least a two-week advanced reservation requirement.

Housekeeping Notes:
- Housekeeping services are not provided during the length of stay.
- Guests are responsible for the cleaning of dishes and the laundering of towels, linens, clothing, as well as general housekeeping during their stay.
- Each unit is equipped with a washer/ dryer and dishwasher; detergent is provided in each townhome.

Garbage and recycling schedule for all townhomes are as follows:
Monday & Thursdays- garbage
Thursday – recycling
*Please place can/bins at the end of garage driveway/curb for pick up.

Please fill out the Interest form to submit your reservation request.