Faculty Housing Program

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Rollins College maintains a limited number of townhomes that are used to provide rental accommodations for full-time, tenure-track faculty members, short-term VAS appointments, and based upon availability, extends to transitioning senior staff members. The primary function of the college real estate holding is to provide housing for new transitioning personnel, thus facilitating their involvement with and accessibility to students and colleagues on campus and participation in community events. Transition from college-owned housing into private rentals or home ownership is encouraged within one to three years, in which tenancy is limited to three years.  Tenancy is recommended by the Deans of Arts and Sciences (A&S), College of Professional Studies (CPS), or the crummer Graduate School of Business and policy changes are approved and reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.


Only regular full-time, tenure-track faculty (A&S, CPS, and Crummer) and short-term visitors are eligible for the Faculty Housing Program.  Eligibility is extended to senior staff members during transitional periods for placement in college-owned housing, to the extent available.  

Terms of Occupancy

Rental is on a monthly basis subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Rollins College Rental Agreement. The rental agreement must be signed prior to assuming occupancy. Because the college's primary purpose is to meet the newcomer's housing needs, there is a general policy of limiting occupancy in college housing up to three (3) years. The specific application of the three-year policy is defined in each individual's rental agreement with the college.


Priority in housing assignments shall be given to new full-time, tenure-track faculty relocating to the area to begin employment with the College. Exceptions to this priority designation may be made on a case by case basis as determined by the Deans of A&S, CPS, or Crummer. An applicant's priority status may be adjusted in light of the applicant's particular circumstances, including, but not limited to, the suitability and timing of the applicant's current housing situation. When applicants exceed available units, a lottery system will be used to determine occupancy. The lottery criteria will be based on the strategic priorities of A&S, CPS, or Crummer as identified by the appropriate Dean.


College-owned housing will be offered to incoming personnel based on the availability date of the particular unit. Vacant accommodations will not be held or reserved for extended periods unless covered by a Rental Agreement and deposit.  All eligible and interested parties must fill out and submit the Faculty Housing Application.  The Residential Property Manager will then contact interested parties.


A deposit equal to one (1) month’s rent is paid at the time the applicant accepts an assignment.  The security deposit will be refunded after a tenant vacates if his/her account is current and the unit has been vacated in acceptable condition. The college has sole discretion to determine whether, and how much of, the security deposit will be applied to recoup damages to the premises. Final charges are not limited to the amount of the deposit. The deposit may not be applied to the last month's rent.

Rent Payment

Rent is payable in advance on a monthly basis and will normally be electronically deducted from the tenant’s monthly pay, provided they complete an Payroll Deduction form. The rents for all college housing are reviewed each spring. All rent increases are effective June 1st and are preceded by a thirty (30) day notice.


Tenants will be billed an additional one (1) month's rent if they choose to move to another college-owned rental unit. This surcharge covers a portion of the vacancy and administrative costs that are incurred by moving existing tenants into other College rental units. The additional rent shall be calculated on the unit being vacated. All transfers must be completed within three days after the commencement date of the lease on the new rental unit.

Sublet Policy

The tenant shall not sublet the leased premises or any part thereof, nor assign or transfer the lease. 


Alterations or replacement of locks or installations of bolts, door knockers, peepholes or other attachments on the interior or exterior of any door must be installed by the Residential Property Management Office and have Owner’s prior approval.  Keys are obtainable between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Arrangements may be made for those arriving after normal office hours by contacting the Residential Property Manager prior to arrival.  Tenants who get locked out of their rental units during regular business hours must pick up a replacement key at the Residential Property Management Office during normal business hours.  For after hour lockouts, please call the Management Office at 407.691.1728.  The on-call maintenance technician will assist.  Tenants must be prepared to show proper identification.  There will be no charge for replacement keys during office hours, after hours $50.00. 

Termination of Occupancy

The Residential Property Management Office must be notified at least sixty (60) days in advance of the date in which the unit is to be vacated. Persons terminating their employment with Rollins College must vacate their accommodations within thirty (30) days following termination of their employment. Until a townhome is officially vacated, rent will not terminate until it is completely cleared of all personal property and the key returned to the Residential Property Manager. All property not belonging to the college and remains on the premises upon termination will be removed by the College and will, at the option of the college, be discarded or be stored at the expense of the former Tenant.

Maintenance Policy

College-owned housing represents a substantial capital investment. All breakage, damage or repair needs should be reported to the Residential Property Management Office by filling out the on-line Work Request form or by calling the Property Management Office at 407-691-1728 or email the Residential Property Manager at lrose@rollins.edu. When submitting a work request by phone or email, tenants must give the following information: 1. name; 2. address; 3. telephone number(s); 4. repair requested; and 5. whether it is okay for someone to go into the apartment if tenant is not present.

Occupants of college-owned housing are expected to insure reasonable care of the premises and will be charged for repairs resulting from irresponsible acts and/or negligence. When occupancy is terminated the premises will be returned to the college in a clean and orderly condition, subject only to fair wear and tear. The removal of debris, cleaning of stove, refrigerator, cabinets, toilet fixtures, and the sweeping out of the apartment or house, are incumbent upon the departing Tenant.

Alterations by Tenants

Tenants must obtain the consent of the Residential Property Manager before making alterations.


Representatives of the College shall have the right to enter and examine the property and to make repairs or improvements upon twenty-four (24) hour notice and shall have the right to enter and make emergency repairs at any time. All door locks must remain on the college key system.

Interior Painting

Personal painting or stenciling by tenants is NOT permitted.  Contact paper attached to the walls causes severe damage to plaster and painted surfaces. Its use is therefore prohibited. The cost of repairing and repainting walls damaged by the removal of contact paper will be charged to the Tenant.


Housekeeping services are NOT provided by the college.

Pest Control

Pest control will be contracted by the Residential Property Management Office. 

Grounds/ Landscaping

Landscaping and weed control will be contracted by the Residential Property Management Office.  Outside sheds, carports, satellite dishes or other structures, including fences, may not be built or placed on the premises. Gardens are not allowed. Tenants may not nail, screw or otherwise permanently fasten any object to trees at their property or the adjacent vacant lot.


In case of a fire, or if the fire alarm goes off, the proper response is to exit the building and call the fire department. Fire alarms are not connected to the fire department and a call must be placed in order for them to respond. If you believe that an alarm is not working properly, please report it immediately to Residential Property Management Office. Fire extinguishing equipment for emergency use will be provided by the College and is located in the pantry of all townhomes. Tenants concerned about the lack of a battery powered smoke detector in the case of an electrical outage may supply their own battery operated detector.


Rollins College does not assume responsibility or carry insurance for the loss of personal property whether due to theft, fire, water, or any other cause or for an individual's personal liability as tenant of the premises. It is recommended that tenants arrange for adequate insurance coverage for the protection of the tenant's own personal property; for the protection of the landlord for damage to the premises from neglect or accidental causes of the tenant; and protection for bodily injury or property damage to a third party who may be a guest of the tenant.


Each apartment and house has a separate meter, and tenants will be billed directly by the City of Winter Park. Tenants should contact the City prior to move in to set up a Utility account in their name. When departing, tenants should contact the City to provide them with a forwarding address for their final bill.  City electricity utility website.


Water service is supplied by the City of Winter Park.  Tenants should contact the City before the move-in to set the account up in their name.  When departing, tenants should contact the City to provide them with a forwarding address for their final bill.  City water utility website.  *Both the water and electric utilities are reached by calling the same phone number. 

Cable Television

Rates and other information may be obtained from Bright House Networks. Satellite Dishes are not permitted to be installed on College rental property.  Bright House website.


Arrangements for telephone service can be made directly with Centurylink.  Link to website.

Garbage and Rubbish Removal

Removal service is provided by the City of Winter Park.  Tenants should contact the City before the move in to set the account up in their name.  When departing, tenants should contact the City to provide them with a forwarding address for their final bill.  Each Town Home is equipped with one trash can and one recycle bin.  WastePro picks up trash on Monday and Thursday.  Yard trash is picked up on Wednesdays.  Recyclables are picked up on Thursday.  Trash collection webpage


Smoking is prohibited inside all units. Your deposit will be forfeited and you will incur additional charges for carpet cleaning and deodorizing if any evidence of smoking is found.


Parking space is limited to two (2) cars per unit.  Overflow parking is available.  All vehicles must be registered with a State Registry. Unregistered vehicles are not permitted and may be towed at the owner's expense.


Dogs and other household pets are permitted only as long as they do not create a nuisance, disturb other tenants or cause damage to property. Owners are completely responsible for all actions of their pets and should be considerate of their neighbors. Failure to comply with all the terms and conditions may result in the termination of the tenant's lease. The following Pet Policies and procedures must be observed:

1.  No more than two (2) dogs and/or cats are allowed in any rental. No animal shall exceed thirty five (35) pounds. 2.  Dog owners are responsible for removing any mess on a neighbor's lawn or common areas created by their dogs.
3.  Tenants must comply with the dog ordinance of Winter Park and keep their dogs under their control at all times. 4.  Tenants with complaints should call the Winter Park Police Department.
5.  No dog pens or fences may be erected on the premises.
6.  If it is determined that the above rules are being ignored, the dog owner may be asked to vacate the premises,
     or remove the pet.
7.  A non-refundable pet surcharge fee as additional rent is due and owing at the beginning of the lease term.  An
     additional $20 per month will be charged for rent.
8.  Owner reserves the right to refuse any pet.  Tenants will be held liable for any damage done by their household
     pets and in no case will such damage be written off as fair wear and tear. 

Stoves, Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers

An electric stove/ microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer and dryer are provided in each unit. These appliances should be cleaned regularly, especially the oven unit of the stove. Turn the refrigerator thermostat to "1" when away or moving out. Do not turn off.

Telephone Numbers

Police & Fire
Winter Park Police Department:  9-1-1 or 407-644-1313 for non-emergency
Winter Park Fire Department: 9-1-1 or 407-644-1212 for non-emergency

Rollins College Property Management Office office hours:  M-F 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: 407-691.1728

Emergency Repairs
Rollins College Property Management Office: 407-691.1728 (24/7)

Cable *Internet/Telephone optional
BrightHouse Networks: 407-291-2500

Telephone *Internet optional
CenturyLink:  866.304.6820
DirectTV (satellite) cable provided only.  Dishes may not be installed.

Utilities:  Electric/Water
City of Winter Park:  407-599-3220

Sewer/Garbage and Rubbish Removal
WastePro/ City of Winter Park Utilities:  407-599-3220


Updated 1/28/2014
Created 4/4/2008