Colloquy Discussion Topics


Liberal Education and Social Responsibility in a Global Community





Faculty teams have developed the following questions for consideration by Colloquy presenters:


Most of us would agree that students should graduate from college with a set of questions rather than answers. What are some of the important questions that we should be cultivating with our students?


Is there a single, particularly profound moment in your experience as a student that opened your perspective on the world -- something you could share with us that would provide some insights as we begin the process of reshaping our curriculum?


Thinking creatively about our current structures in higher education (semester length, majors, curriculum, credit hours, etc.)... How can we re-envision these structures to more effectively address the challenges of the 21st century?


How can institutions of higher learning remain relevant in our 21st-century world in which there are a number of alternative forms of education (e.g., online learning, corporate education)? In what important ways will we have to change to remain relevant?


Questions developed by faculty teams for individual presenters may be read on the presenter's page (see Colloquy Presenters).