Services Offered
Students at Rollins

Services Offered By The Center For Pre-Law Advising

The following is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the services provided by the Rollins College Center for Pre-Law Advising.  It is a compendium of the services that we offer every year and is in addition to the one-on-one student-adviser conferences.  Each program listed is usually repeated at least one time during each academic year.

  • General Orientation Meeting.  Although aimed primarily at freshmen, this meeting serves all students who may be considering law school.  The meeting centers on what it means to be a "Pre-Law" student and how to devise a meaningful plan of study that will facilitate law school admission.  All freshmen will receive notice of the time and place of the meeting (usually held in the second or third week of the fall term) through their RCC class, on our official website, and by mail.  A registration process takes place at this meeting, from which a mailing list is compiled.  Being on the Pre-Law mailing list means that you will be mailed announcements of special events, activities, workshops, changes in the application process, and material of related interest.
  • RCCPLA provides a vital LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION service.  Students can begin obtaining letters of recommendation during their freshmen year and have them placed on file.
  • Special Workshops:  Strongly geared to those in the last term of the sophomore year or new juniors, these workshops update students on the latest Law School Admissions Council application requirements and services, provide an overview on how to develop an application strategy, and review the latest LSAT Registration Book, and other materials from RCCPLA.  Help is offered in the selection of a Pre-Law Preparation course.  Up-to-the minute information on admission criteria with features of virtually all of the American Bar Association-endorsed schools is distributed and discussed.  The latest edition of the Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools is made available to each participant, and instruction on its practical uses in the selection of law schools is a central feature of the program.
  • We provide evaluation information offered by our alumni about the law schools they are attending.  We obtain this information from surveys we conduct each academic year.
  • Informational Sessions are conducted regarding special programs, including joint degree law programs.
  • Special Workshops:  HOW TO HANDLE PRIOR MISCONDUCT INCIDENTS; THE DEAN'S CERTIFICATION LETTER (which many law schools require as part of the application process).
  • On the first Saturday in November, we administer the official LSAT examination that was actually given in the previous June by the Law School Admissions Council.  Each examination is graded and a confidential and private one-on-one analysis of the student's performance on the examination is provided, along with suggestions about courses and action to take to improve performance. 
  • Working with your adviser, we are always pleased to offer assistance to students in selecting courses within their major field, but with particular emphasis on elective courses that will help the student prepare for greater success on the LSAT and also serve as a good foundation for the first-year study of law.