My research includes work on the ethical foundations of the Welfare State, social rights, and (global) justice. In terms of global justice, I have explored the connection between cosmpolitan theory and sovereign debt relief. In terms of welfare ethics, I have explored the ideal of Aristotelian self-development understood as a social right. Concretely, my book explores a right to "Aristotelian leisure" as a condition of full citizenship. My work on the 'meaningful leisure ideal' entails discussing social policies such the the Basic Income and the Participation Income, which would distribute leisure more democratically than in today's societies.  My work, thus, speaks to the vast literature on the conditions of full economic citizenship in liberal democracies.
My interest in egalitarianism also includes work on gender. I am interested in the relationship between gendered choices and equality of opportunity. Concretely, I am interested in investigating the dilemma posed by women's choices that detract from gender equality in today's liberal democracies.
Finally, my work has explored questions of citizen participation and democracy. My ongoing book project revolves around the ethics and practice of a duty to vote (see 'work in progress' section).
My research is characteristic for applying perennial ideas such as citizenship and fairness to issues of contemporary social and political concern. For a more detailed description of my work go to "Publications." For insights into my current and future projects please visit the "Work in Progress" section of this page