On The Ethics and Practice of Compulsory Voting. Latin American Democracy at its Best?  (in progress)


Self-Realization and Justice: A Liberal-Perfectionist Defense of the Right to Freedom from Employment (New York and London: Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy, 2011).

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Rationality, Democracy, and Justice:  The Legacy of Jon Elster (editor, forthcoming, Cambridge University Press).

This book gathers an array of essays by highly regarded contemporary theorists familiar with Jon Elster's work. It offers original, never published articles that span the multidisciplinary areas of inquiry that Elster's scholarship has explored through the decades, including political philosophy, rational choice theory, and the study of sociological mechanisms and democratic institutions. 



Book Chapters:


“An Alternative Reply to the Free-Rider Objection Against Unconditional Citizenship Grants” in Ethics and Public Policy, edited by Jonathan Boston. Canberra: The Australian National University Press, 2011. 

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“Gender Equality and Motivation: The Case of Female Suicide Bombers” (component chapter of Rationality, Democracy and Justice: Essays for Jon Elster, edited, forthcoming, Cambridge University Press)  




“Moral Choice and Self-Cultivation” ( The Journal of Moral Philosophy,forthcoming)

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“Work-Lovers, Freedom, and Basic Income” (Contemporary Political Theory 9: 4, 2011). 

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“Employment as a Limitation on Self-Ownership” (The Human Rights Review, 12:1 2011).

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“Participation and Rights in Ancient Athens: A Habermasian Approach” (The European Legacy, 15:7, 2010). 

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“A Non-Cosmopolitan Case for Sovereign Debt Relief” (The Journal of Global Ethics, 6:1, 2010). 

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"Voting as an Epistemic Duty of Justice." (under review)

This article argues for a duty to vote that is not based on classical, republican arguments for democracy. Instead, it looks at instrumentally beneficial epistemic advantages of majority decision-making under circumstances of liberal tolerance.


“On The Tension Between Gendered Choices and Sex Equality: What Can Liberalism Say?” (under review)

This article examines the dilemma posed by women's voluntary preferences that detract from sex equality; and explores the accusation that liberalism's emphasis on freedom of choice condones gender disparities. Social policy pro gender equality is analyzed.


Book Reviews:

Democratic Reason: Politics, Collective Intelligence and the Rule of the Many by Helene Landermore (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2011), Commissioned Book Review, The Review of Politics, 75, 4, 2013)


Some Things Should Not Be for Sale: The Morality of Markets by Debra Satz (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010). Commisioned book review (Perspectives in Politics, 9: 4, 2011).


Citizen's Income and Welfare Regimes in Latin America edited by Ruben Lo Vuolo (New York: Pelgrave-Macmillan, 2013) Commissioned book review (Basic Income Studies, forthcoming 2014)