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Political Science majors possess the skills and knowledge to pursue their passions.

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Interested in business and social entrepreneurship, read these alumni bios:

  • Dan Abel’s bio: Dan is VP of Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Factory. Under his leadership the company built a new factory which has solar panels for its energy source. With the monies saved the company decided to shift its sourcing to fair trade cacao. The company does not need to increase product prices because the solar panel savings  pay for the higher priced fair trade goods.


Interested in higher education and sports management, read these alumni bios:

  • Mike Lynch’s bio: Mike currently is Athletics Director at Boston University.
  • Sam Stark's bio: Sam is the Executive Director for the Chicago Sports Commission.


Interested in international finance, read these alumni bios:

  • Ewan Welsh’s bio: Ewan works as a currency trade for the Bank of New York moving tens of millions of dollars of currency each day.


Interested in public relations, read these alumni bios:

  • Eric McKeeby’s bio: Eric currently is the VP of a large Chicago VP firm. Previously he worked as VP of PR for Virginia Tech’s Veterinary school, and prior to that position as a lobbyist for the American Veterinary Association in DC.


Interested in community organizing, read these alumni bios:

  • Gillian Smith’s bio: Gillian began her career in Germany as a marketing advisor to Coca Cola, later took a VP-marketing position for Teach for America, and currently is the Executive Director of City Year.


Interested in philanthropy and community service, read these alumni bios:


Interested in politics, read these alumni bios:

 Brittany Fornof

The Romney campaign team including Brittant Fornof (center).

Interested in law, read these alumni bios:

  • Don Hensel's bio:

  • Jason Dimitris' bio:

  • Lance Barrett's bio:

  • Amanda Peters' bio:

Interested in arts and culture, read these alumni bios:

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