Student Organizations

Looking to start a new organization? 

In order to start a new organization, all applications must be submitted within the first four weeks of the semester.

Steps to begin a student organization:

  • Visit to view the online application. After logging in, click on “organizations”, then “start new organization”.
  • Complete the application by:
    • Obtaining necessary roster with a minimum of five members
    • Securing a faculty or staff advisor and completing the statement of relationship form
    • Completing constitution and operating procedures form
    • Designing a symbol/picture to represent your new organization to upload to your GetInvolved page.
  • Submit completed application through
  • Applications will be reviewed by designee within the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership.
  • Once materials are deemed complete and meet all requirements, the primary contact person within the organization will be contacted with recommendations for improvement and/or approval.
    • Once approved, the organization will be an officially registered student organization.
    • For organizations that are given recommendations for improvement, the designee from Student Involvement and Leadership will send the primary contact of the organization the recommendations or ask for further information. Organizations may then re-submit their information once changes have been made and/or additional information is provided.