Leadership Workshops

Emerging Leadership Institute

The Emerging Leadership Institute (ELI) is a weekend-long experience aimed to facilitate the empowerment, development and fellowship of First and Second year emerging leaders at the Rollins campus. The primary focus of the weekend will be actively developing their leadership potential through discourse, interactive workshops and fun!

The Emerging Leadership Institute seeks to bring together the most promising emerging leaders on campus to develop as individuals and leaders, grow more cohesive as a community of leaders, and experience Orlando in a unique way while allowing current established leaders facilitate the experience and further them in the leadership development process.

Leadership Ally Program

As Mr. John G. Aqno said “Leadership development is self-development”. The Offices of Community Engagement and Student Involvement and Leadership are committed to the holistic development of Rollins’ students.  As such, the offices are excited to continue a leadership development initiative in which engaged students are matched with mentors.  Over the past several years, Rollins has sent approximately 20 students each summer to various leadership conferences or institutes.  Each fall, these student travelers return to campus with a renewed vigor and dedication to put their new skills to use in creating sustainable change.  Many students individually have experienced success; however, some struggled to keep their visions alive and unfortunately were unable to carry out their action plans. 

This is where the Leadership Ally Program comes in, as it is designed to focus on enabling students to fulfill their action plans.  Each of the 20 students participating in leadership conferences or institutes during the summer will be paired with a faculty or staff member who will serve as a personal ally in their leadership journey. Each ally/student pair will be required to meet at least twice a semester for the fall and spring to support and challenge themselves along their individual paths. 

All Allies will receive information on their student ally’s conference/institute in addition to their pre and post goals, action plan, and any other information needed to serve as a successful ally.  Students are asked to recommend potential allies, in addition several faculty and staff members are being recommended by OSIL/OCE.  For your review, here are the requirements each student is being asked to complete:

General LAP Requirements:

  • Complete reflection after attendance at conference or institute.
  • Develop leadership action plan with assistance of OSIL/OCE Staff
  • Attend the Leadership Ally Program Kickoff Celebration.
  • Attend OSIL Sponsored Leadership Programs (StrengthsQuest, Leadership Practices Inventory, etc.).
  • Meet at least twice a semester with your Leadership Ally.
  • Submit a one page Meeting Recap form discussing your meetings with your Leadership Ally.
  • Creative Presentation of your experience in the Leadership Ally Program (ex. Poster, PowerPoint, Essay, etc.)
  • Attend the Leadership Ally Program End of Program Celebration .
  • Submit the end of year program survey.

Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD)

Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) is a workshop series discussing leadership topics and challenges in Student Organizations.

SOLD is open to any student actively involved in a student organization at Rollins and meets Wednesday evenings at 7pm in Faculty Club.