Sorority Formal Recruitment ( January 22 - 26, 2014) Information :

 Panhellenic Formal Recruitment is the membership recruitment process for Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Zeta, and Kappa Delta sororities at Rollins, run through the Panhellenic governing body. Registration and the Formal Recruitment process are completely free! You will receive a t-shirt for the first night of Formal Recruitment at the orientation at the beginning of the recruiting week!


Questions about Formal Recruitment?

Check out our “Why Join” tab to the left for answers to commonly asked questions about—and even more common misinterpretations of—what sororities really are!

 All other questions, comments, and concerns about Formal Recruitment may be directed to Panhellenic VP Recruitment, Emily Glidden at


Recruitment Orientation, January 22, 2014

Come as you are! All women registered for Formal Recruitment should attend this important meeting in Bush Auditorium at 8:00pm to receive information about what to expect during the following four days, including—but not limited to—meeting places and times, dress code, and organizational procedures. The free Recruitment t-shirt will also be handed out to be worn the following night. Potential new member women will have the opportunity to meet their Recruitment Counselors and their assigned groups (small groups of women, assigned to the same Recruitment Counselors, who will meet together before and after the events of each night)! 

Philanthropy Night, January 23, 2014

From 6pm until 10:30pm, potential new member women will meet with sorority women at each chapter for 30 minute events. As the first night, this is casual and introductory!  Potential new members are asked to wear their new Recruitment t-shirts and to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the basic identities of each sorority—and especially about their Philanthropies! 

Skit Night, January 24, 2014

The events on Skit Night include some exciting entertainment, so they are 45 minutes each. On the second night of Formal Recruitment, the sisters of the Rollins sororities will be dressed nicely to present their skits, so potential new member women should don something comfortable (the evening may involve low seating and definitely a good deal of standing) yet polished for this occasion. As an invitation round, women will find the scope of their prospective choices focusing on this night and may return to between one and three sororities.

Preference Night, January 25, 2014

Preference Night is a very special occasion both to potential new member women and sorority women. A fairly formal affair in the character of an intimate cocktail hour (although it’s a 45 minute event) and including beautiful, distinctive presentations with each sorority, Preference night is the final round of Formal Recruitment. As another invitation round, potential new member women may expect to attend between one and two events this evening.

Bid Day, January 26, 2014

The most exciting day of Formal Recruitment, Bid Day is the day on which potential members become new members of our sororities! ALL women will be phoned by their Recruitment Counselors with updates and notifications prior to meeting at Bush at 12pm for bids! Once the new members have formally accepted their bids, Recruitment Counselors reveal their chapter affiliations and make the traditional run with their new sisters to their respective sororities!


Worried about what to wear? Check out our Pinterest page with suggestions by clicking on the image below:

Remember: Recruitment is about getting to know the sororities and them getting to know you, so comfort is the priority!


Recruitment Facts

  • Formal Recruitment (usually in January/ February is a structured, week-long process to encourage the fairest interaction between potential new memebers and fraternities and sororities 
  • First year students are not allowed to join a fraternity or sorority until the spring term, which is called ‘deferred recruitment.’ We prefer deferred recruitment because it allows all students to acclimate to college, become grounded in the academic curriculum, and to properly explore each fraternity and sorority
  • Both men and women’s recruitment requires participants to register
  • Some organizations recruit new members outside of the Formal Recruitment which is another way to join a fraternity or sorority. This is called Open Recruitment
  • The best advice for recruitment is to be yourself, have fun, and have an open mind
  • At Rollins we have both (inter)national and local fraternities and sororities. Both types of organizations are vital to our community! A (inter)national organization is linked to other chapters at many different colleges and universities, by way of common values, rituals, traditions, and governance structures. A local organization is unique and only exists at Rollins.
  • Bid Day is the final day of Formal Recruitment during which each organization extend an offer of membership, which is called a bid. On this, day, interested students will decide which organization they would like to join.
  • You are not obligated to join an organization if you participate in Formal Recruitment
  • You are required to attend all events of all organizations during Formal Recruitment so that you can interact with as many members as possible
  • Recruitment Couselors (for women’s recruitment) and Rho Chis (for men’s recruitment) are disaffiliated fraternity and sorority members who guide you through the recruitment experience. They are disaffiliated (cannot reveal their affiliation) in order to remain unbiased throughout the process • Any student is welcome to experience recruitment!
  • Fraternities and sororities require membership fees to join and maintain membership. The costs varies per organization and includes socials, brotherhood/sisterhood events, house maintenance, formals, service/ philanthropy, insurance, dues to umbrella groups, etc
  • Housing is available to some organizations. Please check with each fraternity and sorority for more specific information