How To Join

The Processes Of Deferred Recruitment


If you are interested in sorority life on the Rollins campus, we encourage you to participate in one of our three sorority recruiting processes in the Spring Semester: Panhellenic Formal Recruitment Process, which is January 22-26, 2014.

Because Rollins believes in a successful transition to college life focused on academics first, our campus hosts what is known as Deferred Recruitment by holding our Formal Recruitment process during the first few weeks of the Spring Semester. Essentially, Deferred Recruitment takes the “Rush” out of Recruitment. This provides the opportunity for first-year students participating in Recruitment to become accustomed to college classes, get involved in other activities, and make friends outside of their own chapters. Deferred Recruitment also provides a better acquaintance with the commitments and meaning of sorority membership prior to joining.

If you are interested in participating in Formal Recruitment in the Spring of 2014, click on the “Recruitment” tab to the left for more information. 

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What Recruitment Looks Like

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment:

Formal Recruitment at Rollins is a four day process that enables the fairest opportunities for interaction between sorority women and potential new members. During the week of Recruitment, registered potential new members become familiar with the chapters, sorority women come to know the potential new members, and bids of membership are extended through a mutual selection process. Chapters host nightly events throughout the first three rounds, at which they provide information about themselves and get to know the individual women coming through Recruitment.

At the end of each night, potential new members going through Recruitment will log into, ICS, a confidential computer program, in which their sorority preferences will be submitted for the mutual selection process, and by which their fewer and longer events for the next night will be composed. On the fourth day, potential new members will gather in a common campus space and be individually offered their bids for membership by their Recruitment counselors, who are also present for guidance throughout the earlier week. If a potential new member accepts her bid, she will then be led to join her excited new sisters! 

Informal Recruitment (Continuous Open Bidding)

This form of recruiting new members for our campus sororities is unusual in that it cannot be certain during any particular academic year if it will take place for one or any of the sorority chapters at Rollins. In order to maintain a healthy Sorority Life community, NPC determines total each year, which is the allowable chapter size.  If a chapter is able to increase membership without exceeding total, the chapter may elect to host an Informal Recruitment/COB event to possibly extend bids of membership to eligible potential new members (upperclassmen and transfer women before Formal Recruitment, and all unaffiliated women after Formal Recruitment). Information regarding Informal Recruitment events, if held by any chapters, will be advertised by those chapters individually at those times.

Snap Bidding

This is an option during the Formal Recruitment period for chapters that do not meet quota.  Chapters may offer bids to potential new members, whose preferences were not matched.  This process takes place before bids are distributed.  Snap bidding is not intended to fill spaces in the chapter total and is limited to any woman who participated in formal recruitment. 

Check out the GetInvolved link above to get more info and even awsome text updates!


For Alumni Sorority Women

Alumnae of the sororities at Rollins are encouraged, if they know of a prospective member whom they would like to specifically recommend, to submit a letter of recommendation on her behalf. Alumnae of the Rollins collegiate chapters as well as alumnae of any chapter of one of the national sororities represented on the Rollins campus may submit a letter directly to their respective organizations at Rollins. Please send letters to:

Office of Student Invovlement

Attn: (Sorority Name) Recruitment Chair
1000 Holt Ave. #2746
Winter Park, FL 32789

Please note that recommendation letter forms (if a specific form is required), may vary by organization. Most forms are found on the website of the largest body of the sorority (national website for national organizations).

Potential new members should be advised that recommendation letters are by NO means required and, at Rollins, are typically submitted by alumni women who want to bring a potential new member to chapter attention because of a personal relationship with that woman. Due to the size of our campus and our chapters, letters of recommendation are not necessary in order to get to know potential new members and therefore do not serve the same purpose as they do at larger schools where they may offer any means of discernible advantage.