The Animated Magazine Comes to Life Again

September 16, 2010

Animated Magazine

Rekindling the vision of Hamilton Holt, the Winter Park Institute kicked off this year’s season with an event entitled, “The New Animated Magazine” in honor of Rollins’ 125th Anniversary Celebration.  On Sunday, September 19, a meeting of minds took in the place in the Tiedtke Concert Hall for the intellectual pleasure of the Rollins Community.  

The original Animated Magazine was the brainchild of Rollins’ eighth president and educational innovator, Hamilton Holt.  Consisting of a series of speeches, presentations and classes by the most influential figures of the time, this free and widely-attended annual colloquy featured more than 100 contributors over the span of the Magazine’s history.  

Serving as Editor of this Sunday’s Magazine is Distinguished Scholar in Residence and The Senior Fellow of the Winter Park Institute, Billy Collins.  Accompanying Collins on the editorial board as “honorary publishers” were current Rollins College President Lewis Duncan and former president Thaddeus Seymour.  In addition, an array of notable experts contributed to the conversation, including Wall Street Journal drama critic and author Terry Teachout and former U.S. Senator Mel Martinez.  Preceding the speakers, Davy Jones and the New Century Jazz Heritage Ensemble performed.

“Holt’s vision was for this to truly to be a magazine that lived for only one moment in time rather than something that was left in copy form,” said Gail Sinclair, executive director of the Winter Park Institute.  “True to that vision, these participants shared of their time and expertise for one evening without compensation except for the joy of the shared intellect.”  

The forerunner to daily news television broadcasts, The Animated Magazine gave the Winter Park community the opportunity to see and hear the foremost innovative ideas from renowned thinkers “in the flesh.”  “The New Animated Magazine” presented an enjoyable experience for all, living up to the standard set by its predecessor decades ago.  

“We are very excited to bring back to life this significant part of Rollins History,” Sinclair said.  “The Animated Magazine is an event that is a paradigm for the Winter Park Institute.  We see this as a fabulous way to enhance the intellectual endeavors of the Rollins community.”

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By Justin Braun
(MBA Class of 2011)

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