Students Elect Student Government Association Officers

April 27, 2009

Elections for Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice president recently took place. The Cornell Campus Center, Dave’s Down Under and all of the residence halls were littered with campaign posters creatively designed and strategically placed by the candidates. During the week, vice presidential candidates Adam Heath and Christina Grass, as well as presidential candidates Artie Grizzle and Allison Wallrapp, participated in election debates open to the entire campus.

Rollins undergraduate students were encouraged to vote for the candidate of their choice through their Foxlink account, and election results were announced at the annual LipSync competition on March 26. Allison Wallrapp and Christina Grass emerged as the winners, and they will serve the student body as SGA president and vice president respectively in the 2009-10 school year.

 Allison Wallrapp
                          Allison Wallrapp

Throughout her years at Rollins, Junior Allison Wallrapp has been actively involved in campus life and student organizations. She has served as an SGA senator, the president pro tempore of SGA Senate, a Rollins Diplomat and a tutor at the Thomas P. Johnson Student Resource Center. 

As President of SGA, Allison hopes to increase transparency in SGA actions, encourage campus attendance of meetings, develop a safe ride system to shuffle students to various areas Winter Park and Orlando, and place a student on the Board of Trustees.

 “I am looking forward to all of the exciting things happening in SGA and at Rollins,” said Allison. “The new structure of student government will allow elected and appointed representatives to be even more productive and to better serve the student body of Rollins. I'm so honored that the students of Rollins have given me this opportunity.”

 Christina Grass
 Christina Grass

Christina Grass looks forward to serving the Rollins community as the vice president of the Student Government Association. Christina has been an active member of the student body since she first came to Rollins as a freshman in Fall 2007, serving as an SGA senator, the Fox Funds Chair on the SGA Executive Board, a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, a member of the Rollins Plan Review Committee, a Resident Assistant in Ward Hall, the Treasurer of National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the coordinator of Relay for Life at Rollins.

As vice president of SGA, Christina plans to implement a safe ride transit program for Rollins students, increase the transparency among administration, staff and student body, and promote the enhancement of Rollins traditions.
“My involvement on campus for the past two years has opened up many doors for me,” said Christina. “Through my experiences in SGA, Residential Life and several other student organizations, I have learned a lot about the inner workings of Rollins, and my work ethic and dedication to the Rollins community is proven through my involvement in several areas on campus.”

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