Rollins Holds 3rd Annual Summit on Transforming Learning

April 04, 2008

Rollins College held the "3rd Annual Summit of Transforming Learning: Liberal Arts Education at the Crossroads: Shaping the 21st Century Curriculum," an all-day event that brought together scholars, practitioners and community partners to engage in an afternoon of conversation around global citizenship and responsible leadership through curricular and co-curricular renewal and innovation.

Participants explored transformative teaching, research and learning strategies, discovering pedagogies and practices that prepare students for 21st century realities. The day began at 10 a.m. and included three breakout sessions where participants could choose from more than 10 sessions led by faculty and students.

Sessions included “Integrating Pragmatic Liberal Education Into an International Business Program: The Rollins College Experience” and “Learning about Environmental Activism through Experience, the Students’ Perspective.” There was also a poster session followed by lunch and keynote speaker Lee Knefelkamp.

Knefelkamp is professor of psychology and education at Columbia’s Teachers College. She is co-creator of the Practice-to-Theory-to-Practice Model, which is widely used in psychology and higher education. She spoke of the gap between the real and the ideal and how to bridge this gap in education. “We need to figure out what it takes to have the capacity to bridge the two, what it takes intellectually and interpersonally,” Knefelkamp said. “We need to realize the importance of both experiential and community based learning and academic learning.”

The importance of transformative teaching and striving to better education was highlighted by Rollins Assistant Professor of Education Madeline Kovarik when she opened up the speaking session after lunch. “Excellence in learning is not a destination, it is a journey,” she said.

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