Rollins Cares Movement Sweeps the Campus

March 09, 2011


Rollins Cares


With banners, signs and t-shirts, Rollins Cares has made its presence known on campus. But for students like Jessica Aubrey (Class of 2012), the initiative means more than a smartly designed marketing campaign. Rather, it’s a movement that sits at the heart of why students choose Rollins above hundreds of other schools. “Students are the reason and purpose of Rollins College and the best part is, that's how Rollins College sees us and treats us. We're more than a number or billed recipient of tuition.”

While a multitude of programs, services and events surely demonstrate Aubrey’s sentiment that students aren’t just numbers at Rollins, the fact remains that student success and retention are critical to the success of the College.  Numbers, when referring to enrollment and retention, matter a lot. Which is why Rollins has embarked on a campus-wide student success initiative designed to strengthen the academic experiences, success, and retention of our students.

Created by the Student Success and Retention Initiative Task Force, Rollins Cares is a campus-wide movement that fosters campus pride and attachment to our community. Rollins Cares is working to raise awareness of the many great resources and unique aspects of our community that support and surround our students.

So far this year, Rollins Cares has presented two well-attended events. On January 14, the Rollins community gathered to celebrate student athletes and the men’s soccer team, who advanced to the NCAA Division II National Championship game for the first time in Rollins history. Read more here.

On February 14, students, faculty and staff turned out to show their support of the arts. As part of the festivities, Rollins Improv Players played the Love Oracle, answering love-related questions from the crowd. Read more here. 

To capture the spirit and purpose of the Rollins Cares movement, the team has created short videos of these events, which can be viewed at the following links:

January Event - Rollins Celebrates Student Athletes

February Event- Rollins Cares About the Arts

Rollins Cares also launched a Facebook page designed to allow students, faculty and staff to share their Rollins Cares moments. 

Rollins has a lot to celebrate. For the fifth consecutive year, we ranked #1 among Southern master’s level universities in “America’s Best Colleges,” released by U.S. News & World Report. We rank among the top 10 master’s-granting institutions in the country for the number of students who study abroad. And we boast distinguished faculty who are dedicated to teaching and who challenge students to broaden their interests and to deepen their talents.

At Rollins, students are encouraged to pursue their dreams and connect to ideas and experiences that expand their world. Rollins Cares celebrates that Rollins is a place where people care about student success along with every member of our campus community.

By Kristen Manieri

Office of Public Relations & Community Affairs
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