“Playing for Change: Peace Through Music” Screening on Mills Lawn

September 22, 2008

Students, faculty and film-festival goers gathered last Wednesday night on Mills Lawn for a screening of “Playing for Change: Peace Through Music,” one of the many films in the Global Peace Film Festival that was given four stars by Orlando Sentinel film critic Roger Moore. The film, which also shown at the Tribecca Film Festival, follows filmmakers Mark Johnson and Jonathon Walls as they travel around the world interviewing and recording street performers.

Their journey begins in a promenade in Santa Monica, where they are inspired by an aged street performer’s rendition of “Stand By Me.” Compelled by the unifying nature of the music, the filmmakers proceed to travel to various places including Israel, Spain, France, South Africa and India. The film includes beautiful collaborations of the street performers’ music which demonstrate the global unity of music that Johnson cites as the reason for making his film. Viewers are also given insight into the lives of street performers, and how far the performers are willing to go to share their music with the public.

“Playing for Change: Peace Through Music” has received great reviews from the critics, and it got an equally positive reaction from the large audience on Rollins’ Mills Lawn. Despite the initial technological difficulties, audience members showed a lot of energy throughout the film. The entire group clapped after every song and collaboration, some danced in their seats and others shouted at the screen. The film was the perfect introduction to the Global Peace Film Festival for the many new students who attended because it is positive and entertaining.

To view the film or learn more, visit www.playingforchange.com.

By Elizabeth Rodgers (Class of 2010)

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