Let True Beauty Shine from Within

November 03, 2010

I don't need boobs to be beautiful.“I love my beautiful FRECKLES,”

“I don’t need YOUR APPROVAL to be beautiful.”

You probably saw these signs hanging up around campus in October; these powerful displays of self-appreciation were a part of Voices for Women’s (V4W) annual Love Your Body Week programming, which began on Tuesday, October 19, with a potluck discussion in the Woolson House on body image.

The Love Your Body campaign was started in 1998 by the National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation to challenge traditional standards of American beauty put forth by the media in order to promote a healthier body image. It is currently estimated that 80 percent of U.S. women are dissatisfied with their appearance. What had originally started as a daylong celebration of the feminine body, regardless of shape or size, has evolved, with the support of the Rollins College campus, to become a full week of events catering to both men and women.

“V4W has been working hard over the past three years (since its re-establishment) to make feminism a visible and substantial part of the campus. This semester has been particularly groundbreaking, starting with the long overdue opening of the Lucy Cross Center for Women and Their Allies,” said Co-president Shannon Frey (Class of 2011).

The week continued with a showing of Busting Out, a documentary exploring our society's attitudes towards breasts and how they affect women’s health and happiness, on Wednesday night and an interdisciplinary panel on eating disorders on Thursday. 

Muriel Fox, Co-founder of NOW and Rollins College Alumni (Class of 1948), will be on campus this Thursday, November 4, for Rollins’ 125th anniversary.  She will take part in a panel discussion regarding social advocacy from 3:15-4:30 p.m. in Tiedtke Auditorium. The Lucy Cross Center for Women and their Allies will also host an open house Thursday from 12 to 2 p.m. in Chase Hall, Room 205. All are welcome to join!

Voices for Women holds its weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. in Orlando 113. If you are interested in getting involved with this organization or any of the others like it overseen by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), please contact Rachel Luce at rluce@rollins.edu.

By Anna Montoya (Class of 2013)

Office of Public Relations & Community Affairs
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