Rollins Welcomes the 2010 Global Peace Film Festival

September 20, 2010

For the fifth consecutive year, Rollins College is honored to host the Global Peace Film Festival (GPFF)!  The 2010 festival kicked off Sunday, September 19, at the annual street fair, and films will be screened Tuesday, September 21 through Sunday, September 26.

The street fair featured a number of vendors set up to promote peace in their own unique way, as well as live music and the international pet parade. The fair was a great success, and set the perfect tone for the week.  

The GPFF has become a major asset to the Central Florida area and holds a special place in the heart of Rollins College. The festival brings to light major social justice issues that we face today, and gives a stronger voice to those who deserve to be heard. It brings together many unique individuals from all over the world who are inspired and motivated to make a difference in today’s society.

Many classes are incorporating the festival into their coursework and students are encouraged to attend any and all films that grab their attention. As members of the Rollins community, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable global citizens, and the festival is the perfect window of opportunity for growth and experience.

Major themes of the festival include cross-cultural understanding, immigration, spirituality, sexual orientation, environment and sustainability, world peace and so much more. In addition to film screenings, a number of free panel discussions will feature special guests, filmmakers and Rollins faculty and students. These discussions give students a chance to meet influential and interesting people, as well as participate in open conversations about some of the most controversial and important topics that our society faces today.

Some of the major highlights of this year’s festival are: Throw Down Your Heart, 13 Pueblos, Illegal Dreams, In Anita’s Wake, Just Like Us, and the panel discussion, Peace Pitch.

Most of the films and discussions are located at Rollins in either the Bush Auditorium or the SunTrust Auditorium, but other venues for the festival include the Gallery at Avalon Island (downtown), the Plaza Cinema Café (downtown) and the Winter Park Public Library. For the full list of films and panel discussions, visit or check out the campus calendar daily.

Come and join members of our community for this unique opportunity to celebrate global and community awareness of peace and social justice in our world today!

Megan Bailly (Class of 2011)

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