Campus Spotlight: Suzanna Esch

April 30, 2010

studentAs the spring semester draws to a close it is only fitting that the final Spotlight recognizes graduating senior Suzanna Esch (Class of 2010). As Rollins’ departing immersion student coordinator, she has had a unique set of opportunities both on campus and away as part of the off campus trips that she values so much.

This International Business major has done a lot more with her time here than simply hit the books. Esch recalls that she had not been involved with service work until Andrea Williamson (’07, ‘10MBA and Assistant Director of Admission) started bringing her along to JUMP events. From that point on she involved herself in the organization whole-heartedly and eventually branched out into working on the infrastructure of the immersion organization.

She took to the special dynamic of the trips with the greatest enthusiasm. It is precisely the informal, group-driven dynamic that she enjoys so much. Esch particularly remembers being struck by the differing perceptions of her fellow immersion participants on a trip to Detroit several years ago. Some, like her, had lived in the city before, others had visited, and to the remainder it was wholly new. But what they shared was the impact and transforming power of the experience.

“There’s something about sleeping somewhere else and eating somewhere else that takes you out of your comfort zone” Esch said. “It’s great to watch people grow in their passions.”

Watching others grow is a large part of why she enjoys organizing the immersions so much. She hopes that Rollins students will someday flock to the trips with the same eagerness that they show for travel abroad. 

The one thing that she would like the Rollins community to know is: “No matter how different you think you are from someone else, you’re not that different…embrace that.”

~ Jennifer Ritter (Class of 2013)

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