Campus Spotlight: "Doc" Gallup

March 19, 2010

docgallupCattle rancher, first responder to Hurricane Katrina… post office supervisor?

Doc has worked in the post office at Rollins since 2006. And 2006 was not a standard first year on the job. Within six months of signing on as a postal assistant, both of the senior workers retired, leaving Doc in charge of the “box office.” He is still very much a fixture, selling stamp rolls with a smile and a joke from his repertoire.

His previous experience with mail delivery was limited to a brief stint as a rural route carrier. He spent more time working for a company called InTents that managed logistics for emergency relief workers. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, Doc was among the first wave called in. The FEMA-sponsored camp that he managed provided the essentials for National Guard members assisting with the recovery effort. The public had already been evacuated from the immediate area and it was up to Gallup and InTents to provide food, fuel, lights, generators and the like to the National Guard.

So switching to a post office job was more than a little change of pace. Doc remembers thinking, “Wow…this is like a work schedule for someone in the real world…it’s less dramatic.” But he loves this job. The post office is a unit within the larger community of Rollins College to Doc and he actively tries to make every day different and fun. Customer service and camaraderie among co-workers are equally important for keeping everything in ship shape.

The one thing that he wants the Rollins community to know is that: “In the middle of difficulty, comes opportunity.”  

By Jennifer Ritter (Class of 2013) 

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