Rollins Welcomes the Class of 2013

August 24, 2009

Rollins welcomed the Class of 2013 with all of the traditional pomp and circumstance of  Convocation. Gathered in the Alfond Sports Center on Wednesday, August 19, incoming students also enjoyed some not-so-traditional pageantry when, after welcoming the students to Rollins with an invocation in Latin, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Roger Casey then broke into a Black-Eyed Peas song: roger

 “Everybody. Everybody. Let’s get into it.
Let’s get it started in here.
Let’s get it started in here!”

“Let’s get it started in here!” said Casey as the audience cheered.  Casey offered a variety of advice and quoted several modern day philosophers including Eric Theodore Cartman from the University of South Park, Colorado, Kanye West, Fergie, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Lady GaGa.

Casey shared a story about mountaineering school where the lesson learned was not how to climb, but how to fall and trust his partner. “You’re beginning your first year at Rollins, and you are climbing to the top of the mountain,” he told the students, who he believes are bombarded by a “digital disturbia.”  “Every now and then, when you stop studying and texting and twittering, find your climbing partners on this journey, and you know what I want you to do? Just dance.”

In closing he said:  “What a privilege it is to teach you. But what an even greater privilege it is to learn from you. I look forward to four years of that opportunity, men and women of Rollins College. Teach me something.”

Allison Wallrapp, Class of 2010 and President of the Student Government Association offered the students her “top 10” advice, which included the recommendations to study abroad, meet new people and take advantage of the opportunities.

Julie Ochoa, also from the Class of 2010 and chair of the Academic Honor Council, also welcomed the students, who together signed the Academic Honor Code.

lewisBefore formally matriculating new students and declaring the College in session for the 2009-10 academic year, Rollins President Lewis Duncan counseled:  “Find your future among us. Accept the challenges and the opportunities of your days and years here in your own personal pursuit of an education emphasizing global citizenship and responsible leadership, as we now welcome you warmly into our academic home.”

Rollins’ College of Arts & Sciences began the school year with a projected 1,750 students. Here are some interesting facts about the incoming class:

•    Projected 460 incoming first-year students and 70 transfer students
•    Incoming students were accepted from a pool of 3,000 applications
•    SAT average is more than 100 points higher than 10 years ago
•    Incoming class represents 345 high schools from 33 states and 17 foreign countries (45 percent of class is from Florida)
•    This is the fifth year the College has offered full-paid Rollins Cornell Scholarships (there are nine recipients)
•    This is the second class admitted under the Test Score Waived Option

For the first time this year, Rollins' Evening Program held an academic convocation to welcome its incoming students. The Hamilton Holt School begins the year with a projected 805 undergraduate students and 242 graduate students.

Next month, Rollins’ Crummer Graduate School of Business projects 447 students will participate in the fall 2009 term.

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