Voices for Women Wraps up V-Week

March 25, 2010

vagina Voices for Women, one of thirteen cultural organizations under the Office of Multicultural Affairs, wrapped up V-Week, a week dedicated to promoting and educating the campus community about women’s issues and rights.

The group organized two productions of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, exhibited on Friday, March 19 and Saturday, March 20, 2010. The productions focused on different issues surrounding the vagina (rape, menstruation, orgasm etc.).

“I feel that The Vagina Monologues are important because students can really learn about women's issues," stated Vagina Monologues performer Meghan Thomas (Class of 2011).  “Rape, violence, and the taboo of talking about what's really important to women are all issues that students need to know about so we can all come together to combat them.”

Proceeds from ticket sales totaled $1441 and benefited  Harbor House of Central Florida, a shelter providing 24-hour care, counseling and emotional support to victims of domestic violence and their children.

Rollins Takes Back The Night
take backVoices for Women also hosted a Take Back the Night Event. While rallies and protest marches are unusual sightings at Rollins, as part of V-Week, students marched and chanted, bullhorns in hand, hoping to educate the campus community on rape and sexual assault. Afterwards, faculty and staff convened in front of Mills Memorial Center to share their experiences with sexual assault.

“Women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted during their college years, which is why events like this are so important," said Shannon Frey (Class of 2010). "Also, there is a very common and influential misconception that stranger rape is the only kind of rape. Women need to know that most rape victims, over 70%, know their rapists. Take Back the Night helps to educate as well as provide a safe, understanding environment for survivors of rape to share their story. I know from experience that talking about what happened is an important part of the healing process.”

For more information on Voices for Women, please contact Amit Karr at akarr@rollins.edu

-Kerem K. Rivera
Class of 2010  

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