Rollins Ranked First in Florida by Forbes Magazine

August 10, 2011

Olin Library, Rollins College

The Rollins MBA at the Crummer Graduate School of Business is ranked 46th nationally according to Forbes magazine. The publication cited Rollins MBA as the top school in Florida, ahead of University of Miami and the University of Florida in its seventh biennial ranking of business schools. Rollins MBA is the only school in Florida that has been ranked in the top 50 every time Forbes has released the Best Business Schools list, which runs every two years.

“The survey from Forbes validates the importance of choosing a program based on the quality of education that students will receive,” said Craig McAllaster, dean, Rollins MBA. “Our inclusion in the Best Business Schools list highlights the value of an MBA program that truly believes in helping each and every student acquire the proper skills that can be leveraged in the business world.”

Forbes conducted a comprehensive ranking of business schools that compared the cost of attaining an MBA to the monetary rewards for obtaining the degree. Forbes’ seventh biennial ranking of business schools, based on the return on investment graduates have achieved after five years, shows that alumni of the best programs still command high salaries with their degrees.

The ranking of MBA programs is based on the return on investment (ROI) achieved by the graduates from the class of 2006. Forbes surveyed alumni at universities across the nation and compared earnings over five years following business school to the opportunity cost (e.g., taking into account two years of forgone compensation, tuition and required fees); adjusted for cost of living expenses; and discounted their earnings gains using a rate tied to money market yields. Forbes also discounted tuition to account for students who pay in-state rates and for the non-repayable financial aid that schools dole out. View the full list of rankings.

Forbes also ranked Rollins first in Florida and 133 nationally among more than 650 undergraduate institutions in America’s Top Colleges. This ranking was prepared exclusively for Forbes by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, a Washington, D.C. think tank founded by Ohio University. America’s Top Colleges rankings are based on five general categories: Post Graduate success (30%), which evaluates alumni pay and prominence, Student Satisfaction (27.5%), which includes professor evaluations and freshman to sophomore year retention rates, Debt (17.5%), which penalizes schools for high student debt loads and default rates, Four Year Graduation Rate (17.5%) and Competitive Awards (7.5%), which rewards schools whose students win prestigious scholarships and fellowships like the Rhodes, the Marshall and the Fulbright. Rollins has been recognized by Forbes since it launched its rankings of undergraduate institutions in 2008. Rollins has steadily risen in the rankings from 315 (2008) to 307 (2009) to 250 (2010) to 133 (2011).

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